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LM Guide Actuator

The LM Guide Actuator is a compact actuator with high rigidity and high precision that has an integrated LM Guide with a ball screw. Reductions in the number of parts and design man-hours can be realised by adopting the LM Guide Actuator.

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LM Guide Actuator


Caged Ball LM Guide Actuator Model SKR

Caged Ball LM Guide Actuator


This model achieves higher speed operation, lower noise and longer-term maintenance-free operation than the conventional type model KR by using ball cages in the LM Guide units and the Ball Screw unit.

LM Guide Actuator(full-ball type) Model KR

LM Guide Actuator(full-ball type)


A series of various types are available from 1 mm to 25 mm in ball screw lead.

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