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Pick-and-Place Robot PPR for assembling electronic components


Picture 1 Pick-and-Place Robot PPR with controller for assembling electronic components

Pick-and-Place Robot PPR is a robot that pick up delicate workpieces that make up electronic components and quickly and accurately transfers and assembles them to the base. In addition to the basic movements of raising and lowering and rotating, various sensors such as a force sensor that measures the force applied to the workpieces, solenoid valves, controller, and other components necessary for pick and place are all-in-one unit. The PPR with a pending patent is at the moment the world\'s first process-optimized robot that can improve the production speed of the electronic parts assembly process and reduce work damage.


Picture 2 Application example with PPR

As component miniaturization progresses, the challenges faced by many electronic component manufacturers are reducing work damage and shortening cycle time during transfer. PPR solves these problems and contributes to higher productivity. In addition, by visualizing various sensor information such as force, flow rate, pressure, and temperature with dedicated software, malfunctions can be quickly solved.


First advantage – Reduces Workpiece Damage


Picture 3 Reduced workpiece damage

THK\'s sensor technology detects the smallest forces as soon as the workpiece encounters the suction nozzle. The detection and fast communication enable high speeds in operation with reduced workpiece damage. 

Second advantage – Reduced Cycle Time

The PPR enables sequence control with each motor and sensor integrated. Compared to conventional PLC-based control, the communication is reduced, and time loss is minimized

Third advantage – Integrated Process Control

The integrated process control visualizes various sensor information such as force, flow rate, pressure and temperature. Enables integrated process control, which improves quality and reduces downtime.

The Pick-and-Place Robot PPR is suitable for SMD applications with a throughput of more than 3600 pcs./h.

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