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THK Takes Part in the IdeasTrain (Ideenzug)

November 29, 2021

The IdeasTrain (Ideenzug) is a pilot project sponsored by the German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB), and it proposes ideas for futuristic train interiors. THK products were featured in the second IdeasTrain (Ideenzug City), which was unveiled to German railway staff and members of the press in July 2021. This exhibit is scheduled to be open to the public at InnoTrans (Berlin, Germany) between September 20 and 23, 2022.

 In addition, the first IdeasTrain unveiled to the public at InnoTrans in September 2018 also adopted THK products.

THK participates as an exclusive partner of the DB Ideenzug.

2nd IdeasTrain (IdeenzugCity)

Multi-Flex. Seat

Multi-Flex. Seat

Switch between configurations that provide sitting or standing space.

Products used: LM Guide (HSR), R Guide (HCR), sliding screw (DCM)


Flexible Configuration Seat

Flexible Configuration Seat

Switch between forward-facing and aisle-facing configurations.

Products used: LM Guide (HSR), rotary bearing (MPG)


Standing Seat

Standing Seat

Change the pitch of standing seats to create space during peak travel times.

Product used: LM Guide (HSR)


DB IdeenzugCity Innovation Metro Train Video

Linear Motion Systems for Railways



Linear Motion Systems for Railways
Introductory pamphlet on linear motion systems for railways

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